When considering private lessons for your child, consider the following questions:

Can your child swim unassisted to the wall and climb out of the pool, roll over onto their backs and float or pop their heads up for a breath while swimming?
These are all essential skills needed for safety and enjoyment.

Is your child afraid of water or has had a negative water experience?
Kids 1st instructors provide a lot of T.L.C. and understand how uncomfortable it can be for a child to be in a situation they are fearful of. We work hard to gain their trust and nurture them through the experience. Our goal is to help them learn to enjoy the water and have the skills they will need to be safer in and around the water (always with parental supervision). Private lessons are ideal for this situation.


Is your child dependent on floatation devices?
Such devices can cause a false sense of security. Children need to learn how to swim without them and have respect for water.

We welcome you to come by and observe the lessons. Choosing a swimming program is as important as choosing a preschool. We aim to educate your child and you on the importance of water safety and provide a positive experience for all.


My daughters Jordyn (age 4) and Lauryn (age 2) have had a wonderful experience in your swim school. All of your teachers possess an effective balance of patience, structure and nurturance. Your teachers have not only helped my daughters feel comfortable and safer in the pool, but they have learned water safety and specific swim techniques (i.e., floating, kicking, strokes, etc.) It has been such a pleasure watching my children gain skill and confidence in the pool. My daughters have quickly advanced in your program which has been a great boost to their self-esteem. They take great pride in their swim skills and have learned the valuable lesson of working hard towards a goal.

Your program is very organized, well-run, and a pleasure to attend. Thank you for providing this critical resource to our community.
Janet Mentore Lee, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Jordyn & Lauryn

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